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sharing the crappy art :icongudjobplz:

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deviation in storage by Toffee-Tama


Sketching: faster than the speed of a turtle
with a bit of my crappy coloring
OC: Vlad by xXEminAnimEXx

could be fullbody but will be for a higher price ofc


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Megane by xXEminAnimEXx
last digiart before I try to study for an exam </3

I really like this hair color, the glasses wasn't really supposed to be red but e, I think it fit so there.
Maybe it could pass the genderbend test e?//hit
someone did this to me before and the stamp was a smiley face with "very good" under it ;u;
Mikamp: Otaku by xXEminAnimEXx
Mikamp: Otaku
I suddenly realized that this pair is a collection of various stories that Luv and I often think of. Maybe it's just efficient to have the two of them act out as the characters in our fantasies but personally, I'd like to think that their personalities are so well rounded that they can act as themselves no matter what situation we put them in.

And so, Mikami may very well be an otaku and still be the tsundere that he is when a 3D person, very much like his favorite game character, storms his life like a horny teenager undergoing the first stage of puberty.

Campbell belongs to HarumiLove4
Mikami belongs to me hoho
Groggy doodle by xXEminAnimEXx
Groggy doodle
sometimes I think that I make these really cool sketches while I try to stay awake (but fail to notice anything else)

but then I forget that I was intending for this character to be in a gakuran and randomly put in a ribbon. And wow, is this Kuroko or just a look alike with an eye patch resembling the one in Tokyo Ghoul's?
looks great to me at that time but heeeyy. who is this guy, really.
20 deviations
The sky was dark and heavy with rain. A gentle wind caresses the silent neighborhood and soft patters of rain were making small puddles, slowly soaking the ground to its darker shade. People were rushing, umbrellas at hand, probably on their way home for a hot bath and a warm hug.

It was always on these days that everything looks fast-paced. Everyone seemed to be dancing to the beat of the falling rain. Everyone was hurrying. Everyone was moving.

All except the young man with dark brown hair plastered on his face. He was currently seated on a park bench, his sky blue polo now sculpting his lithe form. Unmoving. Unseeing. He was wondering. Wondering why everything seemed so slow.

Vrrrrrrrrr. The young man resisted a jolt at the vibrating thing in his pocket. This was one of the times he forgets to put his phone back on sound outside the school. He flips it open, annoyed at the person he knew was on the other line even without looking at the screen.

“Where in the world are you?!” He says, shouts, because the rain was deafening and he barely even heard himself. The man on the other line must’ve said something stupid because he suddenly tensed and threatened to cut the call.

But of course, he didn’t. He’s been answering whenever, wherever, placing his phone in his pockets and switching on vibrate when it’s supposed to be on silent just for this person. This person who was fucking one hour late! When the fuck did that happen?

Well, now, apparently. And wasn’t this the best birthday ever? Even the densest shit would be able to sense the sarcasm put into that very phrase.

He sighs in mock resignation after a good three minutes, he was sure it was three, he always counted, because it would inflate the brat’s ego if he says “alright, alright you are forgiven.” Just right after he heard the younger man do as much as breathe on the phone, probably in preparation for a long string of apologies that he didn’t even need to say.

Because just knowing that he called was enough. Even the damn rain couldn’t drown out the younger man’s voice.

“Just come now you brat or I’m going home by myself.” Then he frowned at the other’s worried tone, “Yes I know, it’s not like the rain could kill me.”

There was an indistinct shout on the other end and he cut off the call.

“Stupid brats.”

The dull sky brightened up and the trees were glistening with the remains of the rain. The small puddles on the ground reflected a rainbow on the far side of the sky, imitating the colors of the heavens. And a color, one close to the color of love, popped into the make-shift mirror that was the ground. The image of red and brown blurring as a dark boot invaded the once still surface and a pair of ocean blue eyes, wide with shock, hid behind dark ebony eyelashes as lips brushed to his.

Then there was breathing, loud enough that the rain seemingly seized to exist.

“Happy Birthday.”

And at that moment his heart grew just a little bigger and his chest a lot tighter as the color of love flushed through his cheeks, washing away his mask of indifference.

Then he opens his eyes and finds that it was dark again. Rain water was dripping continuously from his hair, and his face, disappearing to his faded jeans. His hands were white with cold and it was gripping onto the ends of a worn out sky blue polo, wrinkling the material even more. The rain prohibited images from forming on the ground and it was a dull mesh of browns and blues and the obstructive shattered pieces of a once treasured flip-up phone.

And he wonders again. Wonders why everything seemed so slow. Why the day wasn’t ending fast enough. Why the rain wasn’t stopping. Why his tears weren’t stopping.

He couldn’t help but face the dark sky and close his eyes again.

Vrrrrr. He scrambles through his dark jeans for his ever vibrating flip-up phone and answers the call. He doesn’t wonder why it wasn’t on the ground bathing with the sky’s tears as it should be.  Because this happened every year, on the same date that was his birthday, and on the same park bench that was now as sturdy as he remembered. “Where are you? Are you caught up in the rain?” He says, a tone of yearning clear in his voice, and there was a shocked silence from the other end because this wasn’t the usual, because this was what he truly felt but didn’t show in the times that mattered. The redhead goes out of his stupor and mumbles, it was an apology of some sort and the brunette doesn’t wait for three minutes and says right away that he is forgiven and that it was alright.

The rain taps gently on the ground in another silent inquiry.

It was always on these days that his mind replays his life like a broken record. Wanting the memories embedded in his mind to move and change.

Just for the sake of his sanity.

Then there was the now distinct shout on the other end, but this time he didn’t cut it like he was ashamed. Because his heart thumped and squeezed and turned and a sob escaped his chapped lips. Because it was what he lived for. Because it was a day he'd gladly repeat over and over again. Mostly for those words. He braces his mind as he listened to the pouring rain and willed his voice to not waver.

Unmoving. Unseeing. And he answers, for the nth time in his mind—

--“I love you too.”

This time he opened his eyes as he said it out loud, shout it even, but there was no red and there was no answer. Because every time he does this he could never know what happened next. Because his phone was again shattered beneath him. Because it didn't happen and he didn't say it out loud. Because he was no longer there. And no matter how much courage he gathers to say those words he wasn't there to hear it. The rain carried his voice to the depths of the heavens, his heart a bit smaller, his chest a lot heavier.

And all he could wish for was the messy mix of red and brown again.
Mikamp: Dull memories and vibrant imaginations
Disclaimer: Campie is not mine! : )

I told my dear friend HarumiLove4 that I would make one for our adorkable babies so here it is! A FIIIC *clap* *clap*
I hope you didn't expect much cause I am not a master like Luv //aha
Maybe slightly AU because I am altering their past (or lack thereof) to suit this short story tehee, sorry Luv :’(

Oh gosh this was supposed to be happy and fluffy and cute, not angst! It just went to that direction almost instantly after the 1st paragraph <lmao wat.

But anyway, if you didn’t get it, I’m sorry that I’m such an incompetent writer. But I hope these notes would help:
The first part was actually just a flashback which was why the dark jeans and sky blue polo shirt became faded and worn-out on the next scene. Mikami was recalling what had happened on that very same day years before and he continues to wear the same pair of clothes each and every time he does this.

Mikami (brunette) was waiting in the rain, on his birthday, for Campbell (redhead) and they most probably have plans for it but Campie was in a bind because of the weather. The slowness he was referring to is on Campie not being there on time. And the phone call: he can never hate the younger man, really, that’s why just knowing that Campie was calling to apologize was enough for him. He just didn’t want to let that show because he is a prideful man, so he pretends to be angry for a few minutes.
The mesh of red and brown, if you hadn’t known was Campbell and Mikami’s hair colors. And the indistinct shout was Campbell telling Mikami that he loves him (it becomes distinct on the second part, which is just Mikami’s imagination, because in his mind Mikami was actually listening to every word like a life line). And at the last part, he answers, something that he hadn’t done that day.

And if you want to ask what happened to Campie, I’m sorry but I’m not sure HAHA think away! It could be anything! Lmao.


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